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LM Designing is a complete rip off!they Charged me $2200 for a an e-commerce website that isn't programmed to industry standards.

It can't be modified, changed, or used for on page SEO marketing using industry standard Techniques. It took them 8 months to design a 3 day site, and when it was all completed I couldn't even use it!

Now I have to pay someone else to clean up their mess and provide me with a usable site!Be wary of any company that charges less than half what the competition charges--if the price is too good to be true--IT IS!....you get what you pay for!!

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LM Designing - Web designers stole $2200 from me

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LM Designing in California charged me $2200 for an e-commerce website which took them 8 months to design because they are slow as ***!they didn't design it to HTML standards like I requested, they refused to fix it and wouldn't answer phone calls or emails or give me a refund!

Now I have a completely useless site and have to pay someone else to design me a site I can actually use! this company sucks balls!

You can find them on facebook.I suggest everyone reading this go to their page and tell them they suck balls!

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This company totally screwed me too.They have changed their name AGAIN to escape all the bad reviews and lawsuits under the names LR Designing and LM Designing.

They prey on people through Craigslist and since they are a web company they've figured out ways to post lots of good reviews, which are all fake.They are now going under the name Digital Vertex http://www.digitalvertex.com/ Save yourself time, money and lots of stress and go with another company to do your SEO and website work - there are tons of ethical, talented companies out there.

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